ink and water…

This week I returned to the inspiration of the bathing pool at Priest Cove, Cape Cornwall (see the post on my Brison Veor residency from earlier this year).

To start with I’ve been working on small mixed-media pieces on paper including the two shown here, but this time with a wet-in-wet acrylic ink base. I wanted to evoke the feeling and sound of the tide approaching over the rocks and of the crashing waves inundating the pool, which is set into the rocks.

Today however, I decided to be braver and go bigger. I thought you might like to see a short video of me starting the first large piece.

emerging again …

Emerging forms (ii), acrylic/mixed-media on canvas, 100x100cm. © Mari French 2016

Emerging forms (ii), acrylic/mixed-media on canvas, 100x100cm. © Mari French 2016

… and here’s the next one in my latest series. Lots of thick juicy acrylic paint contrasting with a variety of marks and thin veils of overlying colour. I love this palette just now.

Definitely a feel of the coast here, but something more that I haven’t pinned down yet. I’m enjoying the sense that these works seem perhaps (to me) to have further meaning, from my subconscious or from observation. Meanwhile I’m allowing things to emerge in their own time.

and another…

… after a few ‘failures’ and much gnashing of teeth this week (plus getting chased around the studio two days in a row by a large hornet), this one emerged. Again mixed media on paper, but I haven’t come up with a title yet.