Venice… seeing red

I’ve been living with these two canvases of Venice-inspired imagery for weeks now, waiting for the impulse to take them further and ‘finish’ them…

Venice bridge 1. Mari French 2013

Venice bridge 1. Mari French 2013

Venice bridge 2

… but although I know the second one needs a few more touches of paint, I’m inclined to wonder if they might actually stand as they are …

i initially intended the red to act as an under painting, but I like the way it reflects how I see Venice… its passionate past and bloody history.

Both paintings are 40 x 40cm, acrylic/mixed media on canvas.

saltmarsh, early spring …

new work produced this week, with the saltmarsh at Thornham on the north Norfolk coast, once again as my main inspiration…

acrylic/mixed media on canvas, 60x80cm

Mari French, saltmarsh landscape, landscape art, landscape painting,Norfolk,coast

Saltmarsh, early Spring. Mari French 2013

painting lethal earth…

september 2011 © Mari French

september 2011 © Mari French

My response to the remains of the industrial tin mining landscape of Cape Cornwall… its dangerous, poignant and poisonous history (see my previous post).

An acrylic and mixed media work on deep-sided canvas 40x50cm.