progress report…

Readers of my last post will, I’m sure, be waiting with baited breath (haha) for the latest on the preparations for my new studio, so here is an update with photos, taken recently…

fitting out my art studio

Work surfaces and cupboards taking shape in the former hayloft… this is Paul, my handy hubby, doing his stuff (there isn’t much he can’t do really – he’s also a very talented artist photographer). By the way, I did the icky job of vacuuming up all the hundreds of ancient spiders webs before this stage!


below – a view of the precarious stairs – at least they’ve now got a proper handrail!


a view of the village from one of the studio windows.


this door (below) opens into fresh air, it was probably used for loading hay into the room, which is directly above old stables (unused now). Will be nice on those hot summer days I’m anticipating this year!

and finally, a pair of antique chairs in the old stable below caught my eye…


… and an old window also in the former stable below.


studio space & swallows …

it looks like I’ve got a studio at last! having spent 3 years trying to find an accessible good-sized studio close to home (at present I’m working out of our tiny utility room, 6ft x 9ft).

I can’t wait to get using this space… it used to be a hayloft above stables and is built from typical Norfolk flint and brick. Apparently swallows flit in and out in the summer, there are nests… but not in the studio area, so no bird poo where ill be working, thankfully.

It needs a lot of work but fortunately I know a ‘man who can’, we’ll I’m married to him, lucky me ;0)

I’ll be posting updates on our progress…

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