studio space & swallows …

it looks like I’ve got a studio at last! having spent 3 years trying to find an accessible good-sized studio close to home (at present I’m working out of our tiny utility room, 6ft x 9ft).

I can’t wait to get using this space… it used to be a hayloft above stables and is built from typical Norfolk flint and brick. Apparently swallows flit in and out in the summer, there are nests… but not in the studio area, so no bird poo where ill be working, thankfully.

It needs a lot of work but fortunately I know a ‘man who can’, we’ll I’m married to him, lucky me ;0)

I’ll be posting updates on our progress…

imageimage image

10 thoughts on “studio space & swallows …

    • hi Elaine, thanks! yes, the press will be going in there (assuming we can get it up the rickety steps!). I’ll be able to use it at last! may need a refresher course in printmaking first :0)

  1. Oh wow Mari, that looks perfect……an inspiring little personal niche; can’t wait to see you in it surrounded by all your arty stuff :o)

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