Creative colour… sketching with brush pens

On Monday I enjoyed a few hours sketching and walking at Thornham, north Norfolk. It had been a few months since I'd last sketched here and this time I'd decided to try out a batch of newly acquired Pentel brush pens, which are convenient to pack and use. With a small clip on metal dipper filled with water, I was able to achieve some of the wet-in-wet effects I like to play with. I love their versatility so I'll definitely be packing the brush pens on my next sketching holiday.

Because the colours I'd bought were limited (vibrant pink, bright yellow!) it forced imaginative use of what I had with me, but the resulting quick brightly coloured sketches of the beach, for me, more effectively captures the heat, the warm wind and the liveliness of the waves.

No photos this time, I took my camera but halfway along the walk discovered I'd forgotten the batteries!

Below are studies I made of light-filled creeks in the marsh from the sea defences, before the tide went out, with water soluble graphite pencil and with the brush pens again. Some sea lavender still bloomed.

5 thoughts on “Creative colour… sketching with brush pens

  1. Beautiful sketches!
    I’ve been using the black Pentel fude/brush pens for a little more than two years now. I love them … they make such wonderful fine lines, thick marks, and even dry brush marks if you work with them at a sharp enough angle. I haven’t tried the color ones yet. May have to now.

    • Thanks John, for the kind comment on the sketches. The brush pens are great and I too used the black and the grey ones only for some time. The coloured ones can be a bit garish but its possible to mix them in wet-in-wet as I did here. Worth a try!

  2. Beautiful sketches. I haven’t heard of brush pens and love how convenient they are for sketching out and about. I have looked online but it is unclear which ones they are – would you mind telling me where you can get them please?Thank you,Deborah

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