too hot, but painting anyway…

Sea lavender and marsh pools

Sea lavender and marsh pools © Mari French 2016

It didn’t take long for last week’s sketching inspiration at Thornham Saltmarsh (see my previous post Seeing purple) to find its way to my easel.

I really didn’t feel like going into the studio today, it was so hot (around 28 to 30c). I’m no good with heat (before those who live in really hot countries object!). The studio is in a hayloft, basically the roof space above an old stables, rustic, interesting, but baking today. Anyway, bearing in mind one famous artist’s wise advice (possibly Louise Bourgeois) to make yourself go into the studio even when you really don’t want to, in I went.

Glad I did now. Just painted for a couple of hours before lunch, but once I’d decided on this palette of sludgy purple and bronze, the rest followed. It may need a bit more work yet, but I’m feeling positive about it and enjoying this slightly different colour combination. The piece is painted in acrylics, with oil pastel and Inktense pencil scribbled into it.


Sea lavender and coal barn, Thornham Saltmarsh. © Mari French 2016

Sea lavender and coal barn, Thornham Saltmarsh. © Mari French 2016




5 thoughts on “too hot, but painting anyway…

  1. Dedicated people often have to force themselves to do the thing they are dedicated to i.e. Cyclists onto a bike, swimmers into a swimming pool for the latter easier on a hot day granted not so much on a freezing cold day. etc etc Its what makes them stand out above the others.

  2. I empathise with you. But the work always calls out… In Studio 9 @ The Rooftop Gallery(Corby) yesterday and today, it has been very warm but fortunately we can open windows and have quiet fans wafting the air around… Worked on an installation piece yesterday, and today moved everything around so I can show visitors my work rather than piles of boxes of work! All in readiness for Northants Open Studio Trails(starting tomorrow in Kettering, and at The Rooftop on the 7th…
    My new music studio is very well insulated and has ventilation through the top, so that too saw some action last night.

      • Not in my loft, but the garden is abundant with spiders these days! And well, barns and flies go together, since I actually have a couple of ponies living downstairs.

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