up and running …

Here I am at last, captured in the lovely ‘new’ studio …

and ready for action.

It now has a good run of worktops and cupboards, some cracking drawer units from ikea (ideal for paper and prints) and a nice little space for a chair and my books where I can enjoy a brew.

We got the press up here today, since these were taken, so I can get practising on my collagraphs soon, hopefully!


© Paul Campbell


© Paul Campbell

Hayloft studio

© Paul Campbell


You can see where we’ve covered up the interesting roof with dust sheets in an attempt to prevent any bits dropping from the roof space. It also helps the space to heat up a bit (via a calor gas heater).

It’s all a bit clean and uncluttered just now … but that won’t last long!


© Paul Campbell


Hayloft studio

© Paul Campbell

All the images in
this post courtesy
(and copyright) of
Paul Campbell.

9 thoughts on “up and running …

    • hi Nigel, it’s a great space, though it was really cold at first, but now with the spring sunshine and some of the various draught proofing we’ve done, I’m now able to enjoy using it. it’s good to have room to work on larger paintings. 🙂

  1. How super-exciting!! And what a BEAUTIFUL venue for an open-studio 🙂
    I’m hoping to ditch the day job to paint all day long – just waiting to get the ducks in a row 🙂

    • Oh that’s great news Elaine! It’s fantastic to be a full-time artist. Admittedly the early (small) pension (courtesy of RSI) and the tax credits help but it’s so satisfying to be your own boss.
      I won’t be doing Open Studios this year – they clash with one of my exhibitions, but possibly next year – depending on one or two things.

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