Beyond the Surface …

this is my next art exhibition… Beyond the Surface, which will be held at Greyfriars Art Space in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, UK, from 21 September to 5 October 2013.

It will include a range of recent abstracted mixed media paintings, influenced by landscape, coast and ancient buildings. A selection of collagraph prints and art cards will also be for sale.

The preview will be held on Friday 20 September, 6 to 8pm, you would be very welcome.

Beyond the Surface, art exhibition, King's Lynn.

Beyond the Surface, art exhibition, King’s Lynn.

6 thoughts on “Beyond the Surface …

  1. Wow! Mari this looks fabulous…..if I was even on the same continent then it would be well worth a girlie trip to see this. Best of luck & keep up the good work………..nice isn’t it when dreams come true. x

  2. That is a very nice graphic image promoting the show; the combination of a painted surface (is it a detail?), color fields, and text is both powerful and elegant.

    • Thank you John! It shows a largish part of my painting ‘Venetian Red’, which I wrote about on an earlier post. I designed the poster myself (used to be a graphic designer) and that image worked the best I felt. Red always catches the eye, and although there’ll be a fair few abstracted landscapes in the show, I wanted to use something a bit different for the publicity material. 🙂

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