graphite & gold …

… four new small experimental abstract pieces, in collage/tissue/mixed media, two are directly influenced by memories of Venice.

I relish working in this medium as an alternative to my larger canvas works. The addition of gold acrylic paint has been an unexpected effective addition when used in small amounts.

In these small pieces, I also used mono printing with muslin; glazing medium and graphite powder; acrylic inks; and singed (with candle flame) Lokta tissue.





6 thoughts on “graphite & gold …

  1. ooooh those first two are very mysterious Mari – likey!

    The ochre ‘stains’ are completely visceral, but airy by comparison in the second pair.
    A little metallic goes a long way I’ve found 🙂

    I like the idea of the pieces being in a small format – the first two are quite intimate – I don’t think they’d be as intense on a larger scale. They’re like precious fragments. Love them 🙂

    I have a lot of seaglass that I’m hoping to use as a jumping off point once I’ve finished my current series of trees.

    • thanks Elaine. and for the ever thoughtful comments. I agree about the scale being intimate, although many people prefer them to be larger. it’s not always possible to keep the same effect is it?
      good luck with the trees – are you working towards an exhibition with those? I’m looking forward to seeing the sea glass results too. 🙂

      • I’d like to think I could exhibit them Mari – but so many venues are drying up as funding goes kaput. I’ve just put a proposal together for something later in the year so who knows ….

        • it is a tricky time just now… second half of last year was pretty dead for me but strangely January has got off to a flying start, so you never know. good luck with the proposal x

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