hanging around …

a ‘work in progress’… acrylic/mixed media on canvas, 80x80cm … another in my explorations of the abstract imagery of the mining area near Cape Cornwall. You might have noticed the inverted commas back at the start of this post … well … I can’t decide yet if I should do much more to it or what the nature of the further work should be. A common dilemma for artists I realise.

But, although I like how it’s looking just now, I’m also aware that it’s a bit of a crossover, with a large abstract section but also more representative upper parts… and this is why it’s been hanging on my studio wall for a few weeks now. Do I leave it largely as is, perhaps with some subtle colour toning/glazing in the orange lower areas; or try to reconcile the abstract/representative areas? Is it acceptable to leave it as is? I’m aware as an artist, this is ultimately down to me, but constructive opinions would be gratefully welcomed.