meanwhile back at the easel …


Untitled, Mari French 2015

Untitled, Mari French 2015


It was good to be back in the studio painting last couple of days, after nearly three weeks of a horrible chest infection picked up on holiday in Venice. 

These are two small works in acrylic and Inktense stick on canvas board I finished today. I’m hoping to produce a few more before Norfolk Open Studios in 10 days, so I’ll have a few affordable pieces available aside from recently framed collagraph prints. I admit I’ve been panicking a bit wondering if I’d be well enough to prepare in time!

As with much of my recent work, these are inspired by Norfolk’s Saltmarsh Coast and I’ve deliberately kept to a limited palette of two acrylic colours plus my favourite Inktense colour, which I think adds to their atmosphere. I love the way the Inktense works with the canvas grain when I use it with lots of water.

Still thinking up titles.

Untitled, Mari French 2015

Untitled, Mari French 2015



6 thoughts on “meanwhile back at the easel …

  1. Hi Mari,
    Sorry to hear you have not been well.
    I love these two, I think its there simplicity but subtle at the same time.
    Just taken delivery of new David Tress book, amazing I think you would love it.
    I must check out these inktense sticks, sound interesting.
    Kind regards.

    • Thanks Alan, glad you like them. I do like David Tress’s work and have a book on him. Inktense sticks are great, very messy but with masses of pigment in them. I especially love the sludgy colours!

    • Thanks Elaine, I really loved producing them. Yes, I’m still off to Stiwdio Maelor at end June, be interesting to see what work comes from it 🙂

  2. These are looking great. I agree that working with a more restrained colour palette helps keep things unified and I love the colours you have chosen. It’s so easy to get distracted so I admire your discipline!

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