harbour abstracts…

Distressed door, Mousehole.

Distressed door, Mousehole. Digital photo.

A day too wet for sketching on a recent holiday in Cornwall, had me hunting for ‘found abstracts’ with my camera around Mousehole harbour.

I love the way decades, possibly centuries, of Atlantic storms have weathered the painted doors and windows; have rusted locks, handles, harbour mechanisms etc. of this small traditional fishing village on the Cornish coastline.

So here is a selection of the images … hopefully they will inspire my future paintings with their colour combinations, line and texture.

'Money here', Mousehole. Digital photo.

‘Money here’, Mousehole. Digital photo.

Window, Mousehole harbour.

Window, Mousehole harbour.

Boat interior, Mousehole harbour.

Boat interior, Mousehole harbour.

DS & JS, Mousehole harbour

DS & JS, Mousehole harbour. Digital photo.

Rungs, Mousehole harbour.

Rungs, Mousehole harbour. Digital photo.

RJ, Mousehole harbour.

RJ, Mousehole harbour. Digital photo.

Detail, Mousehole harbour.

Detail, Mousehole harbour. Digital photo.

4 thoughts on “harbour abstracts…

  1. Cant wait to see what you do from these. Love the chains but have a thing about chains

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