luscious lines …


Collage/mixed-media on board. Mari French 2016

Collage/mixed-media on board. Mari French 2016

I’ve been diligently trying to practice the techniques I learnt at the recent Emily Ball workshop (see previous post), but keep succumbing to a flu bug I picked up on a trip to London. 

These are the result of experimentation in the studio this week, in between feeling rubbish, using some fabulous Markal Paintstiks I treated myself to after using Emily’s (they’re like big luscious oil pastels!). This is a collage/mixedmedia piece on board, which I’ve split into two as it seems to work better that way. 

By the way, I’ve tried laying out this post in a better way but have lost the will to live (it’s the ex-designer in me). 


Collage/mixed-media on board 2

Collage/mixed-media on board 2. Mari French 2016