more experimenting …

Untitled. © Mari French 2015

Untitled. © Mari French 2015


… another couple of experimental paintings, again using acrylic, Inktense sticks and gesso, but this time on loose canvas. The canvas was picked for a song at a local auction; I haven’t painted on unstretched canvas before but I loved the feel of it.

Not sure what way to frame it though. It would be interesting to do something a bit different other than stretching it the usual way. Any alternative ideas out there?

Untitled. � Mari French 2015

Untitled. � Mari French 2015


7 thoughts on “more experimenting …

  1. I have a piece of work on loose canvas. It is surface mounted within in a box frame so your can see the loose edges. You can raise it up with a piece of foam core board underneath which looks great. The piece I have is from an illustrator and is partially gesso’d and partially left as raw canvas and the contrast gives an interesting texture base. I’d love to do more work like this, also using transfer images and some collaged elements so it’s fun to see how you have approached it.

    • An interesting idea Alice, thanks for sharing it and for reading my post. The transfer technique sounds great – hope to see it on your blog sometime.

  2. Could you keep them as loose textile pieces Mari?
    I think adding eyelets (or a casing) and hanging them as maybe sail or shapes suggested by the elements within the artwork – then threaded/mounted on some kind of weathered wood or copper tubing would really complement the work.

    If you could source a glass topped table – how fab would it be to use the table frame as a stretcher and put your work under glass that way – oooh!! – that would be just fab in your gallery 🙂

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