sun-spangled … wind blasted

Reeds & water, Holme, Norfolk

Reeds & water, Thornham, Norfolk

Wind like a knife against my face, arriving without pause direct from the Urals…

ranks of winter-bleached reeds bending in unison before its force.

Blinding white breakers tear across the bright horizon beyond the marsh and sandbanks…

while, overlooked by twitchers, an avocet on the ebbing sun-spangled creek.

Thornham creek (watercolour sketch) © Mari French 2013

Thornham creek (watercolour sketch) © Mari French 2013

Today was so bitterly cold I could only sketch from the car, through the open window, parked by Thornham Creek. Not the greatest sketch, but I wanted to capture the feel of the scene to store in my head to prompt a painting at a later date.

Muffled up to the eyes in five layers of warm clothes I later ventured out for a rapid one mile walk along the sea defences. Gloriously bright and sunny you’d never imagine the ferocity and iciness of the northeasterly from these photos. (I’ve never seen breakers on this part of the beach before). But it does leave you feeling wildly alive and exhilarated…

… and yes, I did see an avocet.

Thornham marsh & coast, copyright Mari French 2013

Thornham marsh & coast

Thornham creek & saltmarsh, Norfolk

Thornham creek & saltmarsh, Norfolk

Thornham, Norfolk

Thornham, Norfolk

2 thoughts on “sun-spangled … wind blasted

  1. Lovely photos – It’s been just the same here on Orfordness for the last few days. Looks glorious in photos, but feels like its stripping the skin from my face when I’m out!

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