final round…

yayy! my painting ‘Duality’ (see previous post) has been selected as a finalist in the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition! It will be exhibited at The Mall Galleries in September along with other finalists, from which the winner will be chosen.

I’m just so delighted to have got to this far! I met with a lot of cynicism along the way, from some fellow artists re the futility of entering these big competitions, when trying to decide if I should go for it. But a big thanks are due to everyone who encouraged me to enter and especially to enter this piece. 

I suppose there’s an element of chance about these things – there are so many entrants for the judges to choose from after all. I just try to see it as part of my annual marketing strategy, but I’m still gobsmacked! 🙂

Duality. Watercolour on paper. Mari French 2014

Duality. Watercolour on paper. Mari French 2014


12 thoughts on “final round…

  1. Don’t let the naysayers rob you of the pleasure of your well-deserved success Mari – enjoy!
    With a ‘business head’ on – it is all exposure, non? I also like the networking side of these events too in terms of discovering the work of others. Bravo.

  2. Just found this place.So this is a blog! Well done.You can hire the paint any time you want. And I like the look of the studio. It looks the real thing. Just keep painting

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