sometimes I like to take photographs… especially in the interiors of some of the ancient – (up to 1000 year old, honestly) – village churches of Norfolk…

chairs (photo) © Mari French 2011

chairs (photo) © Mari French 2011

the less primped and fussed about with the better (because some of them are a bit grand and I’m not interested in those)…

bibles (photo) © Mari French 2011

bibles (photo) © Mari French 2011

the intention, eventually, is to produce a body of mixed-meda work based on impressions of these serene places… I love the flaking plaster and ageing woodwork and subtle changing light… the unexpected still lives that present themselves…

gauge (photo) © Mari French 2011

in the meantime this is what I’ve been up to…

urns (photo) © Mari French 2011

urns (photo) © Mari French 2011

face (photo) © Mari French 2011

face (photo) © Mari French 2011

latch (photo) © Mari French 2011

latch (photo) © Mari French 2011

11 thoughts on “sometimes…

  1. I think your photos are brilliant, as your most recent post proves. I would consider it if I were you,
    I really enjoy seeing what you see in this way.

  2. How did I miss this post?
    If you ever produce photo 1 & 2 as prints then let me know, I think they are cracking.
    Just the sort of things I would notice :o) x

    • Thanks Sam, I have considered possibility of prints from my experimental digital photos previously, but feels strange producing them as art – prob stupid I know. It’s not as though I don’t appreciate art photography, just not sure about mine! Will let you know if I ever do get any done though : )

  3. Love the pics Mari.
    I’ve got a thing for odd and preferably old chains.Who knows ????
    Either the chains r odd or I am.

  4. Oh those chairs – don’t you get the feeling of being in a boat in a really old church?
    There’s a world of difference in a church that is used and one for show. I like it when you find little fragments (a bit of coloured plaster, a trace of painting on the wall; sneaky pre-Christian stuff that gets assimilated, local great and good faces along with the stonemasons in stonework or in stained glass) from another time. These are beautiful images Mari.

    • Thanks elaine and you’re right, it is a bit like an old upside down boat in some old churches with their amazing roof beams – many of them also have wooden angels carved onto their beams way up high. We’re a bit spoilt round here for ancient churches I find it amazing just how old some of them are… norman, saxon… the ones with round towers are exquisite!

  5. I love your photographs of the “wabi-sabi” like elements in these churches, there does always seem to be something of interest in them. I particularly like the pile of well handled bibles on the pew.

    • Thanks Ian, you’re right the ‘wabi-sabi’ element is what attracts me… also it feels like a treasure hunt in a way – I step into these places and (because I haven’t lived in Norfolk very long) I don’t know what I’ll find… it could be all shiny and wealthy and showy (not interested)… or there will be a magical few elemental ‘still lives’ in a peaceful ancient space. With around 400 such old churches in Norfolk I’ve got plenty of material to discover!

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