4 thoughts on “Recent experiment with ink …

  1. oooohhhhhhh ……… LOVE the crinkly bit of sky on the right – working with torn paper and ink is so, so happy-making! This is gorgeous Mari – the glowing bronze colour is quite delicious 🙂

    • thanks elaine! I’m enjoying this experimentation so much just now, and beginning to see how i could use it on a couple of subjects I’ve been mulling over. It makes a nice change from producing masses of canvasses (with nowhere to store them!), lol.
      I’ve got a few more I’ll be putting on the blog soon.
      I think I know why the image won’t come up enlarged (as Ruth mentioned in previous comment). It may be to do with WordPress’s new post shortcut. I’m going to avoid it in future as, particularly with these textures, it’s good to be able to show them up in detail.
      BTW the glowing bronze colour was achieved by glazing with ink and glazing medium – quite a few layers build up the glow nicely. It does give it an unnerving glassy sheen tho. but perhaps this can be knocked back with matt medium if necessary.

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