found compositions…

a few ‘found’ compositions among the incidental clutter of my small studio…


leftover scraps from my mixed-media work, stuck on my studio wall…
I add to them on a whim when I think a new piece fits… when I like it too much to throw it away… it may get used again at some point… or I may use the composition itself as inspiration for a future work…

wall detail

wall detail

leaf skeletons interest me… I wedged this one on my wall behind a card… later realising how it echoes the tree on the card…

the photo quality isn’t great on these I’m afraid, but I didn’t want to use flash and the light was pretty low, and they were taken on a sudden whim…

rag landscape

rag landscape

rag landscape 2

rag landscape 2

I love the sometimes accidental beauty of paint rags and palettes… this one had been used for blotting the inky impressions of a recent work…
and seems to suggest abstract field patterns and shadows… even the underlying weave of the cloth subtly adds to the effect…

any other artists want to share their own ‘found compositions’?

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