where the ink flows …

This is proving to be quite some year as far as trying to keep up with my art is concerned – and writing about it (or not!). Between family stresses, health problems (minor but a nuisance), and other issues many of my good intentions have fallen by the wayside. Never mind, I’m lucky to have been able to get to the studio at times and produce work, though not as often as I would like. Travelling out sketching too has had to be put on a back burner till now. I’m hoping with the Autumn though I’ll be back up to speed. So in this post I’m writing about the best art-related event that has happened to me this year…

Portal. Acrylic ink on paper, 24x35cm (image size), framed in black. £850

Back in February I wrote a post about the acrylic ink series I was developing (here), based on my impressions of and reactions to the pools of water in the saltmarshes and grazings of the North Norfolk coast. What I didn’t mention was that I was also working on 6 pieces in this series as part of my application for Candidacy (and hopefully, Membership) of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours (RI).

Altered space. Acrylic ink on paper, 24x35cm (image size), framed in black. £850

Well, much to my delight, disbelief and astonishment I was not only accepted as a Candidate for Membership of the RI with four of the works (shown in this post) exhibited at their exhibition at the Mall Galleries in April, but a few days later I was informed I’d been elected a full RI Member. It’s still sinking in! This has been an ambition of mine since I started getting work accepted for the RI annual opens in 2016, and it’s such a thrill and an honour to at last be a part of such a well-regarded and prestigious society.

Light levels. Acrylic ink on paper, 24x35cm (image size), framed in black. £850

Each of the four works shown in this post are available via the Mall Galleries website here. The others in the series will soon be available from my website www.marifrench.com which I’m currently updating.

I want to continue developing this Marsh Pools series, but will also be working on other themes in other media, including abstract florals, which will appear in later posts and which you’ll also be able to see on my website (see link above) or on my Instagram account @marifrenchartist Or why not sign up to my newsletter to be kept informed of new work and exhibitions etc.

Tide memory. Acrylic ink on paper, 24x35cm (image size), framed in black. £850

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