painting lethal earth…

september 2011 © Mari French

september 2011 © Mari French

My response to the remains of the industrial tin mining landscape of Cape Cornwall… its dangerous, poignant and poisonous history (see my previous post).

An acrylic and mixed media work on deep-sided canvas 40x50cm.

6 thoughts on “painting lethal earth…

  1. Nice one Mari! This really captures the poisonous nature of the landscape in parts of Cornwall

  2. ooh likey!
    Not be be morbid but I love the contrast between the wild, whipping stuff above the horizon and the almost bleeding bit below. You can imagine shadowy moving figures in the dark parts …. magic!

    • thanks elaine! it feels a bit of a departure for me… trying to get away from the usual type of landscape image I usually produce.
      think its got a bit more life in it (the force is strong in this one) lol! : )

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