seeing lavender…

After following a small path through woodland and undergrowth, then open saltmarsh and wide skies this was the inspirational view I stumbled on back in late summer on a glorious day near Thornham saltmarsh, Norfolk… a huge swathe of pale purple sea lavender flowers.

sea lavender, Norfolk © Mari French 2011

sea lavender, Norfolk © Mari French 2011

Below is the little sketch I did on the spot… can’t wait to re-interpret this as a large painting sometime!

Sea Lavender, Norfolk (sketch) © Mari French 2011

Sea Lavender, Norfolk (sketch) © Mari French 2011

5 thoughts on “seeing lavender…

  1. Mari – how glorious! I love the way you’ve made it a sea of lavender in your fab sketch. You’ll have to keep coming back to those lovely, lovely colours and big wide sky – I wish I could say I’ve developed the knack of catching the little and making it big 🙂 I’m getting very excited about the flames of autumn that have suddenly appeared everywhere this week ….

    • lol! I know… I keep doing it don’t I? but I have to put them on a back burner in my head for a while.
      To paraphrase the observation of an artist friend of mine (Elaine Phipps…
      … its so difficult once you’ve done a great little sketch, to repeat it on a large scale!
      all the passion and excitement tends to go into the original observation… hence the delay! ; )

  2. That’s gorgeous Mari, good to see Summer clinging on now that it’s turned so dark and dismal up here.

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