Six Abstract Artists at Halesworth…

Six Abstract Artists, Halesworth Gallery

Six Abstract Artists, Halesworth Gallery

Friday saw the Preview of the ‘Six Abstract Artists’ exhibition at the Halesworth Gallery in Suffolk, which I am delighted to be a part of. Artists Jazz Green, Geraldine Carratu, John Midgley, Anthea Eames, Joan Hickson and myself have come together to show a wide range of styles and work,  ranging from abstract to semi-abstract, and includes geometric, textured, bold, subtle, vibrant, lively and flowing pieces.

Six Abstract Artists, Halesworth Gallery © Mari French 2011

Six Abstract Artists, Halesworth Gallery © Mari French 2011

It was an enjoyable evening with a great buzz about it as a good number of people turned out to view the work and talk to the artists. I’m really pleased to be showing at this gallery – not only is it a long- established venue, showing work from established artists such as sculptor Elizabeth Frink and painter Mary Fedden, since 1966, but it is also a beautiful space – medieval, atmospheric,  – and its ancient walls and timbers work with contemporary art surprisingly well. It is also a non-profit making charity, run by artists.

The general consensus seemed to be that the work of the six artists, while varied, sits very well together – thanks largely to the friendly and supportive staff – Alan and Jan who helped hang the show, and Paul Cope who worked so hard behind the scenes on the publicity.

Jazz Green's work at Six Abstract Artists, Halesworth Gallery

Jazz Green's work at Six Abstract Artists, Halesworth Gallery

My own work filled one wall opposite that of Anthea Eames who uses the materials of the earth itself – a fabulous deep blue from Norfolk woad, Australian red earth, Suffolk chalk etc – to create her striking abstract landscapes.

I also love Jazz Green’s square pieces – from the tiny ‘i-cons’ which quietly draw you in, to her large works which seem to hum with restricted but singing depth of colour. For a more in-depth blog on the same show, with more photos showing all the artists work (which I didn’t manage to get on the night), I can recommend Jazz Green’s blog post ‘six abstract artist – a private view’.

Six Abstract Artists, Halesworth Gallery

Six Abstract Artists, Halesworth Gallery

8 thoughts on “Six Abstract Artists at Halesworth…

    • Thank you Elaine. I thought the link would be a good idea as Jazz writes her blog posts really well I think, and it’s a way of getting a rounded view of it as it were.

  1. hi mari – thank you very much for the link – i have linked back.

    love how you’ve described my work here – thank you!

    great to see some photos of the preview too.

    • You’re welcome Jazz. Glad you like the description as I’m not used to writing about art – just wrote how it made me feel really, and thanks for the link back too.

  2. Hi Mari
    The show loooks fab, pity its so far away, would have loved to have come and seen it
    in the flesh, so thanks for sharing the pics. Had a look on Jazz Greens blog aswell,
    how nice to be part of such a great group exhibition, well done.
    KInd regards.

    • Hi Alan, thanks, that’s kind of you. I’ve just realised I didnt reply to your email re your show – really sorry but as you can probably guess I’ve been up to my eyes in preparations for shows (3 since march and a solo show in Norwich coming up!). Fast approaching meeting myself coming back as it were! will try to email longer note soon
      best wishes

  3. What a lovely place for an exhibition – and what you are wearing, well what can I say?
    You look really relaxed Mari and hope its all going swimmingly!

    • thanks sam, I thought you’d like the idea of the outfit! feel free to add it to the skye batiks collection if you can be bothered(!)
      Nice to know I looked relaxed – like a duck, all serene on top and paddling like hell underneath! ; )

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